Join us to listen to local artists.


More than 20 representatives will come to the market to present and sell their products.

Ukraine National Day

Come and celebrate Ukraine's National Day with us.

Join the GraniAID Charity Festival 24.8.2023

The GraniAID charity event was held for the first time last year, accompanied by national media coverage:

The collection was targeted at local young people and Ukrainians refugees. The funds raised were channelled through the local charity, Grani Lähiapu, to their destinations.

The event was a success by all standards. In addition to the media, an estimated 3 000 visitors attended the event during the evening, on site at Kauniainen Market. The more than €20,000 raised for charitable distribution exceeded all expectations and sets this year’s target even higher.

GraniAID 2023:

This year the venue is Kauniainen city centre and in addition to the stage programme and festival event, there will be lectures on wellbeing.

The event will take place in the centre of Kauniainen 24.8.2023 at 17 – 22

Watch a video of last year's charity festival:

Headline act Redrama at 21:10!

GraniAID 2023

GraniAID 2023 programme:

The event will take place in the centre of Kauniainen 24.8.2023 at 17 – 22


17:00 Opening of the event

:Mayor Christoffer Masar

17:20 Ukrainian national anthem

raka bananer

17:30 Raka Bananer

Raka Bananer offers a colourful musical adventure where themes from children's everyday lives meet West African rhythms, dance and play. In interactive live performances, the themes of our songs come to the fore, such as divorce, refugee children and rainbow families, the courage to sleep with a friend for the first time and so on. The topics are sung and played with an open mind and from the child's point of view. Above all, we strive to bring joy, presence and community to our gigs. Jump on board our rhythmic journey!

GraniAID luento

17:50 Panel discussion

Panel discussion with Jarno Limnell, Taru Ikäheimonen, Virpi Sarasvuo and Sakarie Ahmed Nuur. Don't miss out!


18:15 Mimmit

Mimmit is one of Finland's best-known children's music groups. The Mimms have performed more than 850 concerts in Finland and abroad and have released eight albums in Finnish and one in Swedish. "Friendship" was chosen as the children's album of the year 2017. In total, Mimmie's albums have received three Emma nominations. Mimmit music videos have been viewed over 13 million times on YouTube and Mimmit songs have been streamed over 6 million times! Mimmit animations have been sold in more than 40 countries.

18:35 MOVE

MOVE's Victor will move the festival crowd. Loosen the hips!

Granhultskolan logo

18:45 Granhult Choir

Skolans kör Granhultskören välkomnar alle elever som vill sjunga med i verksamheten! The Granhultskören runs every week and is held both in and outside the school. Come and sit down!

19:05 Greetings from Ukraine

19:20 Jelly Dixx

Jelly Dixx is a Helsinki-based rock band, formed in 2018. The band's punchy sound draws heavily on traditional 80s and 90s hard rock, skilfully spiced up with today's modern rock tones. The band released a new Troublemaker EP in the spring and have been touring actively since then. The band consists of Kimmo Tuira (gr), Jaana Wuoma (vc), Antti Rehmonen (dr) and Harri Laajarinne (bs).

Minna Marlo

19:40 Minna Marlo

Minna Marlo, 41-year-old entrepreneur from Kauniainen. My family includes a 12-year-old girl, a husband and a dog. In freestyle football, I am on the board of the world governing body (WFFA, Head of Development). As a freestyle football player, I am among the 16 best women in the world.

19:50 Kauniainen Music Institute

The adult accordion group of Kauniainen Music Institute performs Beatles songs arranged for accordion.

Laura Airaksinen

20:10 Laura Airaksinen

Laura Airaksinen is a singer-songwriter who spent her first twenty years in Grani. He studied cello and piano at a local music school, played in an orchestra and sang in a choir. In GraniAid he performs with guitarist Riku Rajamaa. During the year, new music has been recorded, some of which will be premiered at the event.

20:30 Jannike Sandström & Niklas Rosström

Jannike Sandström is a solid music professional and multi-talented musician from Kauniainen. Since the age of three, he has performed in numerous concerts, as a soloist, musician, musical director and arranger (including as choir director of the official Finnish Lucianeido), and has worked as a soloist, musician, musical director and arranger. Jukka Poja, Loreen (Sweden), Jari Sillanpää, Jennifer Brown (Sweden), Robin and Katri-Helena.
Niklas Rosström is an entertainment and television producer who has made countless live and television productions over the years.He is also a songwriter and music producer, and has participated in the Norwegian Eurovision final for the last three years. Niklas has worked with most of the major Swedish and Finnish artists such as Bo Kaspers Orkester, The Ark, Tomas Ledin, Peter Jöback, Sanna Nielsen, Robin, Rajato, Diandra, Juha Tapio and others. and has also written and produced 10 musicals, some of which have been exported to both Germany and China.

Freddi Waselius

20:50 Freddie Waselius

Kauniainen's own Freddi performs in convincing style!


21:10 Redrama

- It feels very good to be back in Gran. I've only done one gig here before, and that was a visit to a secondary school. Since I grew up in this city, it feels really great to be able to do this," says Lasse Mellberg to Kaunis Grani.

On stage in Kauniainen, he will perform "some old and some new" music during the evening.

LECTURES (City Hall)


17:20 Kondis: Maria Thelén

”En värld som ingen strävar efter”

Jarno Limnell

18:20 Jarno Limnéll

"Security and the future are made together"

Taru ikäheimonen

19:00 Taru Ikäheimonen

"Welfare work in Kauniainen"

19:40 Sakarie Ahmed Nuur

Pain as a resource: 'Young people's well-being and coping power'


Marianne Harjula

Marianne Harjula

Marc Moberg

Marc Moberg

Where to collect for the GraniAID event?

The funds raised by the event will be channelled through the charity organisation Grani lähiapu in Kauniainen.

Local young people

This year, the donations will be used to contribute to the construction of a multi-purpose field next to the youth centre. - The idea for the field came when a suitable location for a multi-purpose field was being considered. It seemed natural to place it in a place where young people already spend time, and so this was the choice. The pitch and its surroundings will be built in cooperation with the sports and youth services and the local authority.

Ukrainian refugees

We recognise the major challenges posed by the crisis in Ukraine and are committed to helping refugees. Our collection supports refugees by providing them with basic needs and helping them to adapt to their new life.

Below are the sponsors and supporters of the event:

Read more about sponsors and supporters by clicking on the logo.

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